Workshop Planning: The Broom Closet

Pagan Pride Day is slightly less than two weeks away.  Are we ready?  Not nearly.  But that's not actually such a big deal -- we're as ready as we need to be at this stage, just not as ready as we'd like to be.  Story of my life!

At any rate, this year we're trying to get back to PPD's central purpose, which is being informative to the general public and the media, rather than being a sort of mini-fest for the Pagan community.  With that in mind, the workshop I'm planning is one near and dear to my heart: I'm calling it "The Broom Closet: Coming Out Pagan".  What I'm hoping is that it'll provide something for everyone: some content for those in the community, and some for those who might not understand what a significant decision it is to be open about adhering to a non-mainstream form of spirituality.

Things I plan to address: why we closet, why we come out, deciding whether/how far to step out, strategies.  I figure that's a lot for half an hour to forty-five minutes.

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